lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013

Publishing - Short Story

 Write a Short story of 500-600 words. In the short story you have to include a situation of tension between a mother and a son, or a conflict of social classes. The genre of the story must be drama and the tone must be either tragic or melancholic. 

Suicide is a solution

A long time ago, there was a girl called Mary. She was kind, polite and very generous with other people. Her boyfriend was called Tommy, he was a materialist man, he was a drinker (of alcohol) and he loved car races. Mary and Tommy lived in a none beautiful apartments in London because they didn't have too much money to buy or rent a better apartment. They have been living in the poor zone since they were 18 years old. They got married and their relationship started being worse than other days. Mary wanted him to stop drinking and to find a job, so they got divorced. Mary was a weak depressed woman and she started vomiting everyday. She realized that she was going to have a baby so she fell in a worse depression that the first one because obviously, Tommy, the drinker, her ea-husband, was the baby's father. After a few months she knew that she had to tell Tommy that he was the father of his son. Tommy was very surprised because this wasn't in his plans. He didn't want to have a son with Mary so he went to Brazil to live and he found a new girlfriend. This meant that Mary was going to have to take care of her sown on her own. Seven months later, the baby was born, he was called Michael, he grew in poor conditions and he was so aggressive when he was only two years old. Physically, he was very hurt. Mary found a new man in her life. She fell in love with him. The first day that Sam (Mary's boyfriend) want to her house, Michael insulted him and wanted to fight with him because Sam was popular. Sam went out from Mary's house running away. Mary was so angry with Michael. He kicked her and Michael didn't go to see her at the hospital. At the time when Mary went out of the hospital, she was in the ambulance going to her house, feeling so angry that she jumped out from the ambulance and she feel to the river through a bridge. She committed suicide; Michael didn't notice that she had died. He started asking everyone where she was. Nobody knew but the police told him that she committed suicide. He felt that he was an idiot because he could have avoided that situation if he hadn't kicked her. He wanted to praise his mother by studying and being a good person. He couldn't afford the difficult situation, he couldn't even study because he was always thinking that his mother had committed suicide because of his fault. He asked Sam for help but he answered insults to Michael. Nobody wanted to help him because previously he was aggressive and he didn't want to help anyone. To finish this moment of his life, he thought that the only solution was to commit suicide and he thought that he would be with his mother again.

.  H.G. Wells, my inspiration.