viernes, 29 de noviembre de 2013

Trabajos de Arte

Mis procesos de arte en el cual tuvimos que partir de algo, ya sea de una célula o un animal en el museo y empezar a completarlo. 

lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013

Essay of the "Door in the Wall"

We have to write an essay of a story that might be of "The Door in the Wall" or "The Fly in the Ointment" and it must have 400-500 words.
The “Door in the Wall” by H.G.Wells is a story within a story that narrated the story of Lionel Wallace. Lionel was an insane man and he had a horrible childhood because none of his parents paid attention to him and it was a strange child at school. He became crazy because he wanted to escape from that life, so he imagined a door in a wall in the street, he entered and there was the life that he could not have. The theme is insanity.
This man was really crazy because he thought fictional things such as doors that had paradises for children and enchanted things, so he was really insane. In the part that he entered to the door, he escaped from his own life, he escaped from reality. In all his life he could see the door three times, in some of the chances that he did not enter, he was on a hurry, so he did not do it.
Wallace had a friend called Redmond that did not belief him at first all this story, but then he continued justifying his life, or why he was crazy with the door with his childhood. Wallace knew that all these silly things that he was seeing were a dream, but a very good dream for him because this made him be happy.
He was very alone because his mother was dead, his father was an important lawyer so he did not have time to pay attention to Wallace, and his school friends treated him very badly. His father also punished him just because he saw a crazy door that any child could imagine. He was five years old when he first saw this door, so it was common for a child to imagine these kinds of things and use their creative imagination.
Redmond was like all the readers when he met with Wallace at the restaurant, he was surprised because he did not understand how Wallace could imagine all these magical world, but he finished trusting he finally, he realized that all this was product of his imagination because of Wallace’s sad life. It was an escape for him to be calm.

In conclusion, this story is very recommendable, it was amazing because it was very creative and there were lots of unexpected events. It was difficult for me to understand this story because it had a lot of difficult vocabulary in my opinion. In the end, if you are able to read and understand the story, you will have a lot of intrigue of a character because and unexpected event will happen. You should read this story twice in my view.
Image that may represent Wallace       Lionel Wallace alone.
when he got crazy.

lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2013

Codigo QR

El codigo QR es una lugar de almacenamiento de informacion muy util.
Los tres cuadrados de las esquinas permiten detectar al lector la posición del código QR. Esta informacion, puede ser abierta desde un smartphone, tablet o computadora.
Los codigos de barras representan mediante un conjunto de lineas paralelas,  De este modo, el código de barras permite reconocer rápidamente un artículo de forma única