lunes, 29 de mayo de 2017

Formal Letter

Dear Sirs,
I am writing to express my deep disappointment over my recent experience with American Airlines. I was not able to get into the Amsterdam flight number 2409E due to the fact that it was cancelled. I should like to make clear that it is the first time that I have seen so much disorganization in an Airline company.
To begin with, the experience I had to suffer was a mistreatment from a high level company service such as yours. Firstly, when I arrived in Sri Lanka nobody took charge of my fundamental needs, I am an invalid. I appreciate that people around the airport helped me, but the Airline did not contribute to help me at all. As you may remember, the TV in the airport was not working so, as a consequence, nobody told me that the flight had been delayed, what is more I immediately  went to your offices to ask what happened but nobody gave me an answer.  Secondly, after waiting many hours for a response, a man had told me, in a very offhand manner, that the flight was cancelled and I would have to wait 5 hours more for another airplane. Moreover, I wanted to know who had the full responsibility of the conflict but nobody could give me a concrete response. Lastly, when I was alone at the airport, assistance was not provided to me, you were extraordinary unhelpful towards me; on the other hand I had to pay with my money all the extras.
I shall expect to hear from you an apology and I demand a full refund of the flight due to all the conflicts that I had to suffer that were your responsibility. I would be grateful if you could explain the reasons of the delay and the cancellation of the flight. If I hear nothing from you, I will have no choice but to initiate a legal action to the company.
I very much hope to resolve this exceptional conflict in good terms, I will await for your response.
Yours faithfully,

Facundo Di Meglio

martes, 23 de mayo de 2017

Mapa Conceptual

En la clase de Proyecto de Investigación, se nos asigno una consigna la cual era hacer un mapa conceptual del tema que se nos asigno. En mi caso, tenia el tema Narcotrafico y me centre en muchas paginas de internet como por ejemplo Clarin, La Nacion, etc para poder enriquecer mi información. El primer paso era resumir cada uno de los links elegidos y luego seleccionar conceptos de cada link. Luego tuvimos que hacer un mapa conceptual con la herramienta Cmap Tools.

Pecha Kucha - Narcotrafico

En la clase de Geografía, tuvimos una consigna que era hacer un Pecha Kucha con nuestro tema asignado, el mio era Narcotrafico.

martes, 9 de mayo de 2017

Six thinking hats

Here it is the presentation which I did with my group about the Six thinking hats system by Edward Bonos.

Informal letter

In the ELT class, we were told to do the following activity. You are Skeeter, you are writing to a very close friend of yours in NY. You are shocked about some of the stories you've heard from the afroamerican house helpers.Write a letter and tell your friend some of the stories you have learnt fom them.

Dear Mark,

How is everything going my great friend? I haven't seen you since two weeks and for me it was an eternity! During those weeks, I have heard some weird stories so I am writing this letter to tell you what I heard about Afro-American house helpers, such as how they were treated by white people, how is it working for them and their feelings about this here in my area, Mississippi.

Firstly, someone told me that Afro-Americans felt very bad during working for the whites due to the fact that they are treated as if they were animals. Since they are born, they are forced to learn how to server white people without contradicting them. A specific example of what this person told me was that they can’t use the same toilets because white people believe that if they use the same ones, they would catch a disease. So due to this, they are told to go to toilets outside the houses were they work, they are precarious toilets, not descent ones. This is unbelievable, I was amazed. Secondly, I have heard that they are afraid of sending their kids to school. This is because as they are black, the Kukux-Clan may persecute and kill them, so as a consequence they may lose their kids. This is something inhuman, they can’t live in peace and freely, I am shocked. Lastly, it was extraordinary for me to hear that they work a lot and in so bad conditions for a few amount of dollars and anyone wants to help them, even the discriminative laws can help them, and they live this stories as if they were a routine of life.

To conclude, I wanted to ask you if these types of situations are presented in New York, I think if this happens there you may be as shocked as me when I heard all this stories. A change is needed to let them have a normal life I think so, I would appreciate your opinion also.

Hope to hear from you soon,


jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017

Mes vacances en France

La semaine dernière, je suis allé en vacances à Paris avec mes amis et ma famille. J’ai parlé avec les françaises dans l’aéroport, ils ont été gentils. Nous sommes allés à un hôtel magnifique.
J’ai traversé plusieurs villages. Mes amis préféraient passes les vacances à la mer. Nous avons visité la Tour Eiffel et le Musée du Louvre. Nous avons aime les villages. Le temps était horrible à la mer.
Le voyage était extraordinaire, J’aime Paris et les personnes, c’est unique !
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