domingo, 9 de julio de 2017

Argumentative Essay

During many years, the movie “The Wall”, since the release of it, left a lot to talk about. For lot of people, it represents something different in relation to the protagonist, which was Pink Floyd. The songs and the events that are shown, during the movie, let us understand clearly the meaning of the protagonist life and the movie. After studying it in depth, the wall may mean a separation from the protagonist’s bad emotions within the problems he had to suffer and his real life.
To begin with, the movie it’s a mix of emotions, problems, etc. These things, represents a meaning through a mental wall which is an escape from real life, and the control that is exercised in the society, particularly in the principal character. The mental wall’s bricks, may be the particular facts that happened such as his fatherless childhood, his domineering mother, the out of touch education system which is centered on “producing” a particularly type of man and the government that treats citizens like chess pieces. These facts, helped out to create this wall, so Roger, the protagonist could live freely in a way in a parallel universe without being controlled and suffering among his life problems. He escaped from reality, where his wife was unfaithful.
On the other hand, there are few people who refute this meaning without too much evidence or reasons. Songs which sound during the movie may support this idea of a mental wall to try to escape from control. “Another brick in the wall” it is a clearly example which validates the meaning previously explained due to the fact that it express Roger’s suffering because of the problems he had. We hear of the first grief stricken cries of Roger's lost father when it says "Daddy's flown across the ocean, Leaving just a memory, Snapshot in the family album, Daddy what else did you leave for me?” In the second part of the song Pin Floyd says “We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control." It is another example of the control that the government, his mother and the education system tried to impose him, and he really doesn’t want this at all.

To conclude, the wall means an escape to freedom from Roger’s own suffered life. In my opinion, it’s a complex meaning which it’s really interesting to understand but difficult to find out. How Pink Floyd manages to escape from his reality, how he criticize the control masses and the way he manages himself to fight against it during the movie it’s really amazing.

lunes, 3 de julio de 2017

Le mariage de mon ami français

Cher mère,
Le mariage a eu lieu le samedi 18 août dans une village traditionnelle à Paris. Pour commencer, la cérémonie à l'église du village était extraordinaire, c’est très bien organisé. Le couple était magnifique, très formel. Quand nous sommes arrivés à la fête ils nous ont reçu très bien. Puis, nous prenons un cocktail dans le parc et nous avons pris des merveilleux photos avec des mariés a 17 heures.
Le dîner était à 19:30 heures, Il a été pour 200 personnes et il était spectaculaire. Plus tard, a 23 heures, des mariés remercié les invités et ils ont servi le dessert. Le dessert était un très gros gâteau mais Il n'a pas été délicieux. Pour finir, a 3 heures la fête était finie et nous sommes retournés à la maison.
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