jueves, 6 de agosto de 2015

Piedra Del Aguila Dam

Our teacher asked to do a presentation of a dam that we were free to chose. We have chosen the Piedra del Aguila Dam, it's a Dam located at the Limay River in Argentina, it's one of the biggests of the country and it's a very important one because it generates too much hidroelectricity. Here you can see my presentation Piedra Del Aguila Dam.

Equatorial and tropical continental climates

In the world there are many climates, they depend on the area that they are located. Some examples are Equatorial, tropical continental, the moonsoon. cold climate and hot deserts.
Thys type of climate is located near the Equator, 5° either side of it. Along the year, the climate won't change too much, raind and thunderstorms are very common. Equatorial areas have annual rainffal in excess of 2000mm, as it rains a lot, areas with this type of climate are very humid. Every day it's repeated the same process called "daily pattern", this means that first it rains, then the water it's evaporated and the next day rains again.
Tropical continental
It's located in the central parts of the continents. In this type of climate there are wet and dry seasons as a consequence of the movement of the sun. Temperatures are high when sun takes a more vertical position depending on where the places is, and it rains too much, this is the wet season. The dry season starts when the sun moves to the other hemisphere, generally to the opposite hemisphere where it was.
The Moonsoon
It's a climate which has two seasons, in the south-west moonsoon, the sun appears to be overhead at the tropic of cancer. Places which are far away from seas are very hot. In places where the air is forced to rise over the mountains, it rains a lot. The North-east moonsoon is the other seasons. Northly of the Himalayas it's very cold and with high pressured but it rains very small amounts.
Hot Deserts
Places where temperatures are too high during the year and it doesn't rain too much, for example the desert of Sahara and also the deserts located on the west coast of continents. Temperatures are high just when the sun is overhead. It doesn't rain a lot because of the winds that blow from dry lands, it's air that come from the Equator, that's why it's dry.
Cold Climate
It's located near the pole side. I'ts very cold, dark and there is not  vegetation. Temperautres are very low because there are strong winds and summers are very short. It doesn't rain too much because the air is very cold so it doesn't hold much moisture. It may snow in this climate, it's very common.