martes, 12 de julio de 2016


In the class of ELT, the teacher asked us to write a proposal, mine proposal is this one.
The conflicts of deliverig a presentation. They compñain because they get stuck at the moment that they have to talk rapidly, this is due to their anxiety. Moreover, they also have a problem when they have to select and combine the information, students choose extra information that is not necessary and they are not able to relate concepts.
Technical issues
Technical problems also affect student's presentations. They express their frustration when they have no internet, as a consequence of this, they do not have digital aid to deliver it. Apart from this, many computers that students use are very old so this complicate the delivering of the presentation a lot.
I would seriously recommend students to do a variety of changes when they have to deliver a presentation;

  • They should be self confident on what they are explaining in order not to stutter
  • Students must bring the presentation in a pendrive and also their own computer to avoid technical problems
  • The problem of selecting and relating information may be solved with a previous planning and organisation.
If these recommendatipns are implemented, the situation is definitely bound to improve.

lunes, 11 de julio de 2016

Mad men: The smoking pitch

At scholl, in the subject of "Thinking Skills", we saw a chapter of a Tv Serie called "Mad Men". In this chapter we could saw how the ciggarette company "Lucky Strike" find ways to attract people's attention and to persuade them to buy ciggarettes and smoke. Manipulating the truth, the harmful effects of smoking in people's body they could convince people to buy tobacco.
The vested interest of the company was to sell their tobacco, their cigarettes. For this they thought on an idea that was doing an advertise where they would not tell the truth to convince people that smoking won't harsh their health or kill them. As it is obvious their other vested interest is to make people smoke.
Peter's idea is rejected due to the fact that he proposed a slogan that was related to death and it won't be well seen by people, talking about death for them wouldn't have a good result for their aim that was to convince people to smoke. It was like very negative. In the case of Don, his idea was acceptes because it was ehat they where looking for, he lied about the effects of tobacco in human's body and was very believable for people when they saw the advertising. People wouldn't see "Lucky Strike's" ciggarretes harmful for their health.

In this advertising, the vested interest of the company "Pall Mall" it's also to sell their cigarrettes by telling that smoke is a pleasure for the body and that their product is very funny. They distort the truth because they tell say that their filters are the best and it's less harmful for people's body. Also their slogan attracts people to smoke because it says "dont' miss" so its very convinceable to tell people that if they dont smoke this product funny will be missed.